Custom Kilts and Custom Embroidery

call for an appointment Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 248-391-2780

A kilt ordered from Creative Lee Done is hand crafted, with your choice of tartan shipped
directly from Scotland, and custom fit to you. Your kilt could be traditional, casual, or
anything in between.


If your kilt has changed sizes while in the closet, call to setup an appointment to have Linda determine the best solution.  

We offer almost limitless customization on all of your embroidery needs. We have access to
thousands of pre-made designs, and we can also embroider a design of your very own through a
process called 'digitizing'. There are no minimums on orders, and you do not have to purchase
the garment from us. We will embroider everything from your company's logo on 300 hats, to your
name on your lucky underwear (as long as you wash them first!).